Inspired by James Blake – RetroGrade

One of my hobbies is to take songs that I like and create videos with my interpretations on them, so when I first heard Retrograde by James Blake, I knew that i will do something with this song, so I did

Jame Blake moves me with his voice, there’s something about the way he sings that kicks me in the stomach, making me emotional therefore when I heard Retrograde it immediately became one of my favorite songs (and most played for long time). So when I was thinking of a song to record a video for, it was obvious for me that I would want to record it for retrograde and bring my interpretation for it.

Yotam Shwartz Time to do something with Retrograde

Time to do something with Retrograde

As many of you know I was working on TV for 9 years and the passion for directing, filming and even Video Editing will always be big part of my DNA, so when my friend Yotam came to visit me in London I felt that it’s time to combine my urge to create with the James’s Blake song that inspires me so much with having beautiful and talented model like Yotam.

I got Yotam Shwartz wet

want to have Yotam in your shower too?

So I got Yotam into the bath, which was for cold for some moments and hot for some others because I wanted to get different expressions and feelings from him. In the background we listened Retrograde and then started creating.

Into the Water- Retrograde James Blake

Into the Water

Editing took about an hour and half since I really had to rush and start packing for my flight to NYC.

James Blake this one is for you


It was interesting prograss

So after this long introduction, I’ll let you decide – If you like my interpretation for James Blake’s Retrograde.

I really hope you like it and if you know James Blake, please show it to him too… I wonder what he would think of it.


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