Good Food Vs Bad Service – Portabello Restaurant Bar & Grill – Oxford

As the title says- the experience in Portobello Restaurant could be excellent, however the service and the time it took for the food to be served on the table was something that really ruined the whole experience.

I went to this restaurant with two of my colleagues on Wednesday at 8:30pm. It wasn’t full, however there were some people eating in it.

To start we’ve got – the Crispy fried squid, sweet chilli sauce (£6.50) which was nice.

Crispy fried squid, sweet chilli sauce (£6.50)

Crispy fried squid, sweet chilli sauce (£6.50)

For main we’ve got-
* Portabello burger, bacon, cheese, relish & fries (£13.00)

My colleague said that burger was well made. To me for £13 it looked poor.

My colleague said that burger was well made. To me for £13 it looked poor.

* Beer battered fish & chips, house tartare sauce (£13.00)

If only I wasn’t allergic to fish i could have helped Hazel to finish it

* Venison steak with Garlic & rosemary fried potatoes (originally it comes with mash potato’s, however I asked to replace it and they agreed).

To be honest, this was a very very good cooked (medium) steak

To be honest, this was a very good steak

The three dishes were great and we all enjoyed it. I got my steak medium rare just as asked, the fish and chip was quite big and my colleague couldn’t finish it and the burger was good too (it better be for £13 burger).

Hazel got ice-cream for dessert...

Hazel got ice-cream for dessert…

This could be a great review about this restaurant however the time we had to wait for the food was outrages and only when we complained about it, they apologise for the time and said “there’s one more order before yours and then you’ll get the food”. Tip for the restaurant, if you are experiencing these delays at least bring bread or anything else small to eat so your guests won’t be starving while waiting for the food.

When I told my local friend about the long wait for food her respond was “yeah, but the food is great and they are relaying on that”. To me that’s a big problem if that’s the conception in the restaurant because it’s clearly not inviting to come back there knowing that you need to wait for so long for food.

To summarise all great food, however bad service. So think twice before going there and make the call Good food Vs Bad Service- what would you choose?

Portabello Restaurant Bar & Grill, 7 S Parade, Oxford OX2 7LJ, United Kingdom, Phone:+44 1865 559653

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