Izo wants to get on The Ellen Show- Will he make it?!

After Izo’s big success on making people happy with his Instagram and Facebook accounts, we (Izo and Ido) have decided that his next stop is The Ellen Show as a guest star.

Three years ago, I opened Instagram and Facebook accounts for Izo after many requests on my account to see more of him; This has made me understand that my little fella has something special and that a photo of him a day can put a smile on someone’s face.

We’ve been working very hard over the last three years to be funny, emotional and innovative. When Izo’s video made it to Piccadilly Circus big screen we were thrilled by the smiles that people had in the street.

So if he is making people happy why not to make more? I really like Ellen, She’s funny, she has beautiful smile (reflects the heart) and she likes dogs. Izo doesn’t really care about her (oopssss), but Oh yeah she can help him reach more people so he will give her a lick when they meet.

As many of you know I am big believer of the power of social media and Karma so with this combination I tend to believe that we will find our way to The Ellen Show. What do you think?


I want to meet

Hey Brian May, Can you hold Izo for a second?

Hey Brian May, Can you hold Izo for a second?

Supermodel Bar Refaeli loved Izo too

Supermodel Bar Refaeli loved Izo, maybe Ellen will love him too

This can be our spot, Ellen!

This can be our spot, Ellen!

What is Izo preparing for you for Xmas?

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