• lundinbridge3@gmail.com'

    my account is being hacked right now! they said I should stay up to protect my account and I’m crying! help!!!!

  • locaitphs@gmail.com'

    honestly instagram has terrible support I reported my account and provided everything they asked for (screenshot of uncropped original image, me holding up a handwritten code etc etc etc) and they said they can’t help me. Honestly so so reidiculous, It’s been 2 weeks since the hack and I hate it so much… all that work.. down the drain

    • ido8all@gmail.com'

      oh no… sorry yo hear that. did you get your account back? if not, because i received so many comments like yours, I’ve decided to write any post on how to get it back.

  • nurin.afrinaa

    Help me please. I want my account back!

  • Khalex210@yahoo.com'

    My account was hacked and the hacker change the username, name, email address, password, and the bio. I message him/her with my personal account as you said, and he replied me with another language (which is not English), he then added me to a group of 10-15 instagram chat. I don’t know what to do again. Admin, can we chat on BBM or any social media for further advice?

  • shrinkingknitter@gmail.com'

    My account was hacked yesterday. Instagram responded immediately with instructions for me to help verify my account but I haven’t heard anything since I did what they asked. I cannot log in, don’t have another account, don’t especially want to create one, and hopps instagram will resolve this soon. I was one of your followers. I just don’t want to lose all my photos.

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  • Taye2brattt@gmail.com'

    My Instagram was hacked now two days ago I have important stuff in my dm that they keep posting they changed my email n password n bio I need help I need my account back

  • Wetcoastchica@gmail.com'

    Mine has been highjacked too. And they are sliding into fb, as they link together . Ive made new acct posted screenshot of his crap. Found him reported blocked. I maybe done w ig.
    All my personal pics. Was on private . Bztrdzz got in. They didn’t like being called fktrds and to fk off. now they r hacking all over. Bad karma. Not a single reply to mult msgs on ig.

  • teamdayone3@gmail.com'

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  • Elizabeth Moore

    I know some really good hackers who has worked for me 2x 1dataexit@gmail.com They are very good at hacking anything concerning database, phone, social media, bank and even helps to retrieve accounts that have been taken by hackers

  • Elizabeth John

    When people say hackers are not reliable i laugh at them. I was introduced to this

    wonderful hacker when i had issues with my husband, he helped me hack into his emails. His

    work are legit and he also offer other services such as clearing bad driving and criminal

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  • Jermain Miller

    How are you. My Instagram account was hacked and stolen 2 weeks ago. It had over 154,000 followers. I’ve done all the necessary steps through Instagram but wasn’t successful. Since I’m not able I’m not able to retrieve my account I’m looking for away to completely shut it down. Can someone assist me concerning this matter? Thank You.

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