Tallinn’s Food and Coffee scene

Tallinn's food

“Food, Food, Food!”. That’s mostly all I planned to have in Tallinn and so that’s all I had. Here’s my Tallinn’s food picks, pics and few places that I should have skipped

5 minutes after arriving my hotel in Tallinn, I was already out looking to explore Tallinn’s food and coffee scene. My first stop was Boheem Kohvik.

Boheem kohvik Tallinnas

I got to Boheem at lunch time and that place was packed. There were only two ladies serving so they weren’t as welcoming and friendly as I expected. Luckily someone just left when I got there, so I didn’t need to wait at all, however after me, about 5-6 other people tried to get in with no luck. so if you can, make reservations on peak hours.
I ordered the warm salmon salad which was fantastic so i was happy with my pick.

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Kopli 18, 10412 Tallinn, Estonia

Vegan Restoran V

As you already know I am not Vegan nor vegetarian but I do appreciate good food and when someone on Instagram recommended that should “Try the Vegan in old town”, I thought “why not?!”. The food was brilliant and the service I got from Elts was very friendly and helpful. After some hesitation I took a very “orange meal”- pumpkin soup for beginning and Quinoa with tofu for main. The soup was refreshing and fresh and the Quinoa was AMAZING. I love quinoa but i never tried it with coconut/curry sauce so it was great combination and when they added the spicy tofu and the sweet pineapple it became perfect dish.

Rataskaevu 12, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia

Gourmet Coffee

Yes for the coffee but besides it- skip it. Even though the place is nicely designed, it’s still far from the city center (more than 20 min walk) and the food was too expensive for what I paid. So I would suggest to Skip it. Yet it was great meeting my local friend Rauno.

L. Koidula 13, 10125 Tallinn, Estonia 

Katusekohvik OÜ- Rooftop Bar (+ food)

My new local friend Piret took me for this rooftop bar which was great pick. I wasn’t planning on eating but as soon as I saw they have my favorite Thai soup with chicken, i could’t resist having it. It wasn’t as good as in Thailand but it wasn’t bad too. Great place to spend an evening in Tallinn and Blend with the locals. The bar is open till 3am!

Viru 13-15, 10140 Tallinn

Choclaterie De Pierre

This place is slightly hidden from the crowed but it’s definitely worth visiting. There are sittings outside but because it was too cold we decided to sit inside. The design of the place looks like a movie and to my surprise there was sign saying “no photography”, when I’ve quarried about it, I was told that once group of photographers made the place as photo-shoot location which they were not happy about. They then told me that i am allowed and more than welcomed to take photos of the place, so I did. I took hot chocolates and two smalls cookies, however there was wide variety of sweet and simple food.

Vene 6, 10123 Tallinn

I suspect that Tallinn’s food scene is wider than what I’ve experience, although I believe that in 2.5 days, I’ve experience that best could ask for- especially after the lovely experience at Vegan Restoran V

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