Lisbon in 5 hours

Famous bridge Lisbon

What to do in short layover in Lisbon

On my way to the carnival in Brazil I had approximately 5 hours stop in Lisbon to see the city, to meet my friends and to eat my favorite local pastry. How did I do it? easily.

It was not my first time in Lisbon, last time I was there with my friends Ira and Guy as part of a road trip we did, so I knew where I want to go back, what I will have to skip (the beautiful rooftop bar) and was open to explore new things.

Lisbon is beautiful city

From the airport to the city center you have two options- Metro or airport bus (AeroBus Route 1 – City Center), I would recommend taking the bus for 3.5 euros you will have 24 hours return ticket and it would be the same time. I took the bus and stopped on it’s last stop (Cais do sodre). This will help you explore the city wisely.
The bus from the airport will take you to city center lisbon

When you get off the bus, if you are hungry you’ve got two options- one is to get into the local patisserie or to go to timeout  food market. guess what? I did both.

While I was waiting to my friend Oscar and Guilleme to join my for lunch, I started with coffee and pastel de nata at “A padarias portuguesa”; If you go to Lisbon and don’t try this pastry it’s like you haven’t been to the city. (the best one is located in a city near by call Belem). Pastel de nata is pastry consisting of an outer pastry crust filled with custard and baked.

When my friends arrived we went to the food market which reminded me of the food market in Tel Aviv (Sarona Market) and the one in NYC (Chelsea market). All biggest chefs of Lisbon give the opprotunity to try their food in the market which was great. I went for piri piri chicken at Miguel Laffan (20 minutes to get the food!!!) and my friends got food from Henrique sa pessoa.

From there we made our way on the promenade to centre so i could catch my bus back to the airport and it was amazing opportunity to capture the beautiful bridge of Lisbon and

Since I was on my way to Brazil, I decided to see how they make acai bowls in Lisbon so I went to “Feel Rio” which was very disappointing. The acai was extremely sweet and that’s even without asking to add honey and it had weird flavor that I didn’t recognize. Luckily I had acai in London before and was about to have many more in Brazil.

My short visit to Lisbon was short but sweet. Can’t wait to go back to this lovely city again.

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