How to make your own Acai bowl at home?

It’s no secret that I’m big fan of Brazil and I am addicted to Acai. Where ever I travel around the world I always tend to end up trying to local Acai bowl, but now it’s time to make my own.

I recently wrote a blog post of great Acai bowl place in London, however I must admit that I was very disappointed by the service (they ran out of acai twice!!!), their inconsistent opening hours (you can get there and the place would be close even though it’s supposed to be open) and their price for extra topping.

So I decided to make my own acai bowl at home, which apparently is very easy to make and 70% cheaper than buying it elsewhere.

  1. Blender – First thing was to get my self a good blender. I previously had good experience with Oster so I decided to buy Oster Blender Beehive Pro, (1.25 Litre, 600 W).
  2. Frozen Acai (not powder!!)- After ordering the blender, a quick google search introduced me to great frozen acai supplier – Sublimefood. 64 packs of 100g acai cost £80  (£1.25 per pack). If you order with them tell Ronan, I sent you to him.
  3. Guarana Syrup– Since the acai from Sublimefood is natural and non sweetened, you do need to get Guarana syrup- I found that in Casa Brasil in Queensway (take in mind that the online price is almost £1 more than what you pay if you go there).
  4. Banana– You will need one for the blend and half for topping
  5. Granola– The best one I have ever tried was home made by my aunt Anita, however since I’m in London the alternative I found was Lizi’s granola which is not the best one, so if you have any recommendation for a good granola. do let me know.
  6. options for toppings– goji berries, dried dates, mango, blue berries, strawberries, almond butter etc…

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After getting the blender, receiving my acai, picking the granola and purchasing the guarana syrup all you need to do is blend the acai with the banana the the guarana until it’s all smashed. When you get smooth, purpler clean texture you can pour it in a bowel, add your favorite toppings and you’ve got your home made Acai bowel.

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