How to design (and print) your own personalized Dog T-Shirt?

Do you want to dress your dog differently? Why not design your own personalized Dog T-Shirt?

I’ve been wanting to get my little Shihtzu boy (aka Izo) a personalized Dog T-Shirt with his own face on it for long time, however all printers I contacted were only doing prints for human. However I didn’t give up until I found the one supplier that does it all for our little fellows.

But before rushing to print, I needed to decide on the design. After exploring different designers and illustrators on Fiverr, I decided to go with Iusagi from Venezuela. So I sent him a photo of Izo that I really liked and within a day I got a beautiful painting (anime style) of Izo and all for $5 (£3.25)

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After that, the big challenge was to find a place that will print it on dog’s T-shirts. I found website of a company in US, however since they don’t do international deliveries, I couldn’t use them. One more click and I found a supplier in the UK.

For £12.99 I could finally create and print my own personalized Dog T-Shirt for Izo using BonnieDogs websiteUntitledTheir system is very easy to use and within a minute the T-shirt was ready for print. The delivery was also mega quick so within few days Izo could pose his own personalized T-shirt.

BonnieDog also have other personalized products so I got myself a shirt with Izo’s face too.

Here I am posing my own personalized T-Shirt with Izo on it and Izo next to me

Here I am posing my own personalized T-Shirt with Izo on it and Izo next to me

Since I loved the results so much, I decided to create another personalized Dog T-Shirt to my friends’ dog Bidu. I was thinking, why not give a gift to someone and make them happy too? So I ordered another design on Fiverr, sent for another print and my friends loved it.

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So if you are looking for a gift for your own dog or a gift for friends’ fluff, with two easy steps you could get your own personalized Dog T-shirt.

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