Get your precious pooch stylish designer dog bed

I always had cheap beds for my dogs, which I would usually get rid of after a year. With the new house move, I decided to treat Izo with stylish designer dog bed which he absolutely adores!!!

Izo is very precious to me so when I finally moved to a new (and bigger) flat I thought, why not give him a new bed too? after searching on the net for images, recommendations and designs for dogs’ beds I found Total Art Studio from Tel Aviv that is specializing in stylish designer dog bed which is actually customized to whatever you want.

The biggest challenge I had was deciding which bed I went and trust me, it was. Looking at the different options on Total Art Studio’s Instagram (and Facebook) only confused me because everything looked so beautiful and basically I wanted all.

So trying to be more pragmatic, I decided to start with color rather than the shape. Because many people thinks Izo is a gir, I decided to go with light blue (well to be honest that’s also my favorite color. Knowing Izo and all his toys, I knew that I need something that will make him feel comfortable and also give him space for his puppets. So I went with rectangular design and bone sign on the back. Next challenge was to decide what to write on the bed and what to write on the bone. I saw that some people used their dogs’ names and a word to describe them, I decide to go with Izo’s social media handle which is of course @TheIzoTimes (the izo times).

theizotimes designer dog bed

It took Izo a day to understand that this is his new bed (and yet he still sleeps in my bed during the night as I would never give up on cuddles and morning love from him), but now it seems that whenever he wants to rest, his new bed is his choice of where to go.

Besides the bed I also ordered new bowls for Izo’s food which matched the color I chose. You can choose other color in case it will be in different room.

On my conversation with Ohad from Art Studio I understood that they are currently working on a new website to show their portfolio, however they do reply very quickly to anyone contacts them via Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp. They are also working on getting International courier service (as mentioned they are based in Tel Aviv), so you could order your new designer dog bed to wherever you are. So if you are convinced now that you should get your dog a chic designer dog bed just contact Total Art Studio and tell them you’ve heard about them from Izo.


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