Good places to eat breakfast in Warsaw

breakfast in Warsaw

I am usually a big fan of having my breakfast in the hotel, however in Warsaw I decided to eat out and try to create my own guide for breakfast in Warsaw


My local friend recommended Sloik as his go to place for breakfast in Warsaw, so I followed his advice and tried it too. Although it’s located in the shopping area (very close to TK MAXX), the restaurant was not packed with tourists so that was a good start for me.

The waitress welcomed me in English and handed me English. I took the rich breakfast because I love poached eggs and was very pleased with my decision. As the name suggests It was rich and tasty and the only thing I would recommend is to ask for the sauce to be on the side. I am big fan of sauces, however they put massive amount of it on this dish which I would prefer to “monitor”. The price was very cheap comparing to London.

Sloik Złota 11, 00-019 Warszawa, Poland


I passed by Mankin twice and each time there was massive queue on the outside which got me intrigued to try. Unlikely to Sloik this one was pretty busy with tourists. The main idea of this place is crepes. Sweet, spicy, sour and salty just choose whatever you like.

I took the black crepe with grilled Salmon and spinach and I added to it eggs, jalapeños and blue cheese with Yogurt and dill sauce and boy, that was an amazing dish that I could barely finish because I was full (very unlikely to me). The service was quick and friendly and spoke proper English. Definitely a great experience that I would recommend my friends if they are looking for breakfast in Warsaw.

Mankin- Marszałkowska 140, 00-061 Warszawa, Poland


The good thing about this place is its’ outdoor seating and the easy-going ambient with chic which was great. However I wasn’t really impressed with the breakfast menu at Charlotte and I almost left before ordering;

Luckily I did see one dish under “Charlotte’s specials” that fit my breakfast needs. I took the Croque-monsieur and plate of cheese. The cheese was great. And really added to my meal and Croque-monsieur was just regular and fairly boring. I think that should serve it with any kind of sauce on the side (yogurt and dill for example could be great add on).

My latte was mainly milk foam so I had to ask for extra milk.

Charlotte- aleja Wyzwolenia 18, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland


This restaurant was recommended on “Like A Local” app so I decided to give it a try. The place is bit far from the city centre so I took Uber to get there. very warm and cosy and it serves breakfast all day long. Sniadaniownia in Polish means “where breakfast are made”, however since already had breakfast I decided to give a try to their Yogurt with granola.

Unfortunately this didn’t meet my expectations. Although they mentioned that the granola was freshly made on that morning, I felt that it was dry and aged.  I don’t want to judge this place based on the failure of the Yogurt because I did see nice portions and dishes coming out to other tables and the customers seemed to enjoy it. I guess I would just recommend that you avoid the Yogurt and granola.

Sniadaniownia- Jarosława Dąbrowskiego 38, Warszawa, Poland

And the winner is…

So my winner for best breakfast in Warsaw is Mankin because it was special and different experience. Runner up is Sloik because it tasted great and was super cheaper comparing to London. So if you ever go to Warsaw let me know which one was your favorite breakfast in Warsaw.

breakfast in Warsaw

I could barely finish my breakfast at Mankin even though it was delicious

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