Lunch in Warsaw and some coffee shops

Lunch in Warsaw

Four days in London and exploring the food scene helped build this short guide for where to have Lunch in Warsaw and also recommended coffee shops.

Choosing the right place for food or drinks is always challenging for me. I love eating, remember? (aka Ido ate all), but I also like having good picks. So after my recommendation to breakfast in Warsaw I now owe you my picks for Lunch in Warsaw and also some coffee shops I got to explore.

Onggi Korean Restaurant-

As usual, whenever I travel I like trying the local Korean restaurant so when I read reviews on Onggy I tend to believe it’s going to be great experience.

For entrees I took the kimchi and spinach and for main I ordered the raw beef and raw egg bibimap which was accompanied with miso soup. The bibimbap was great although I didn’t like the spicy sauce they offer and it might be because I was not used to it.

The deserts option was poor and tasted bad and surprisingly it took them long time to serve it (they did apologize for it more than once)

Overall experience was great and I would definitely recommend it for Lunch in Warsaw.

Jana Moliera 2, 00-076 Warszawa, Poland

Veg Deli

I found this place by mistake. I was actually looking for other Vegan place that serves Acai bowl but when couldn’t find it, I decided to go for proper lunch at Veg Deli. (this place is also suitable for dinner)

The place is small and cosy with two floors for seating, Design is nice and neat and the music was great. I chose the first floor so I could look at the restaurant from the top and I order quinoa burger which looked amazing but the taste was just ok. The dish didn’t come with any side salad, fries or anything, and I wasn’t even offered to add any so I must admit that I left hungry.

To drink I ordered fresh lemonade which was basically water with lemon (I was not impressed at all). If you do decide to go there, you better try other dishes than the burger. They had English menu and the waitress had proper English and they had Wifi.

Radna 14, 00-341 Warszawa, Poland

Ministerstwo Kawy

The ambient and vibe in Ministerstwo Kawy was fairly nice. It wasn’t too loud although it was quite busy. I heard they are the experts for coffee and should have variety of choices however they didn’t have Ethiopian coffee for my cappuccino which was slightly disappointing (I know. I am picky). I also got the chocolate brownie which was EXTREMELY sweet not sure I would have taken it again. Too sweet. Even for me. Overall experience, if you are around definitely walk in for coffee

Marszałkowska St 27/35, 00-639 Warszawa, Poland

Nero Green

I would never think I would recommend Nero as a cool coffee shop however in Warsaw it is cool and stylish. Unlike the ones in London, Nero Green is very well designed and serves much wider variety of food and sweets. The ones I visited closed at 11pm so it was great place to finish the night when I needed something sweet… and a coffee.

You can find Nero Green anywhere in the city just open your eyesIMG_0216








Hope this list will help you on your search for Lunch in Warsaw. Feel free to share and comment below if you find it useful (and even if you didn’t).

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    Great guide! I don’t know all of those places, I definitely need to catch up 🙂 One of my personal lunch spots in Warsaw is the Akademia Restaurant. It is more elegant and fancy, but it is really great. Their food is a combination of traditional Polish flavors and European ones. Everything they serve in Akademia is truly excellent!

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