On the search for good restaurants in Nantes

When my friend Anna and I decided to explore the wine county in France (Nantes, La Rochelle and Bordeaux) we knew that this journey is going to be focusing on Food and Wine, so the first stop was Exploring the restaurants in Nantes

Since we arrived late to Nantes center (plane was delayed in London City and there was also protest outside of the Nantes airport when we landed), most places didn’t serve lunch anymore which changed our plans (we had list of recommended places). So we walked around and looked for decent place that still served lunch (after 3pm). Gee, there are so many restaurants in Nantes but most stopped serving food at 3, we only needed one that could also be a good kick off to our culinary weekend in France.

Late lunch at Le Bistro

2 minutes walk from our hotel we found Le Bistro. We set outside which is always nice because the sun was out. The place wasn’t too crowded and the menu was simple. I got beef tartar – “tartare de boeuf” (10.5 Euros) and Anna got croque madame (6.9 Euros). The dishes were decent size and included salad and fries. I like the tartar although they didn’t bring raw egg too. Ps try the fresh lemonade- Hardcore!

Quartier decre, 15 Place du Pilori- 44000 Nantes

Desseret at Dinette 

while wondering around in the streets we noticed this lovely place – “Dinette” – that serves cakes, coffees and teas, so we’ve decided to give it a go and try the food there. Coffee was just ok but the chocolate cake was SUPER good and it was gluten free which made me even like it more.

12 Rue du Château, 44000 Nantes

Aperitif at Okko Hotel

Every evening at Okko Hotel small aperitif is being served accompanied with glass of wine at your choice (for FREE!!!). I must admit that I was very surprised and pleased with this service and quality. Definitely makes the hotel “worth stay” in Nantes.

Dinner at Le Petit Paris

For me this was the highlight of my stay and my favorite out of all restaurants in Nantes. We’ve got the recommendation from someone on Couchsurfing’s forum and since I really like couscous and Moroccan food I was intrigued to see if they meet my expectations. Oh god. They did. I took the Couscous Royal dish and the chef was generous enough to give me some beef bullets too with it (because I wanted to try). Their Arisa was brilliant and made me miss my grandma’s food (which is of course, good sign). Next to our hotel their were 3-4 other Moroccan restaurants but I felt that they looked more touristic and commercial so was pleased with out choise to go to “Le Petit Paris”.

22 Boulevard Stalingrad, 44000 Nantes

Dessert Etrillum

After our dinner we were looking for a place to finish the night with good glass of wine and plate of Cheese. While wondering around Anna spotted Etrillum which looked as posh (but not too much) as we wanted. The waiter advised us about the wine and his picks were great. On the cheese platter there were three choices of cheese – blue, goat cheese and local cheese and I can’t remember its’ name. It was nice selection although, I thought it was too small and they could have provide at least one more choice (at least!). Ps make sure to make reservations because the place is quite popular.

22 Rue Armand Brossard, 44000 Nantes

Breakfast in Okko Hotel

Our last meal in Nantes was set to be the breakfast in the hotel. There was nice selection of cheese (just like we had the night before). Bread, baguette , pastries, yogurt, eggs, juices and almost everything I wanted. Only thing i felt missing was fresh vegetables, but i still managed to enjoy my breakfast even without it.

ps if you want good chocolate with very friendly stuff, definitely check l’atelier de chocolat  (18 Rue des Halles, 44000 Nantes).

Hope this “spontaneous guide” helped you finding out more about restaurants in Nantes or moreover made you want go to there because it’s definitely worth the visit (1-1.5 days is enough).

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