What to do in London on Saturday?

If you ask yourself what to do in London on Saturday then you better get ready to for some bargains and endless food options because Saturday in London is Markets day

So you are probably wondering what to do in London on Saturday, Start your day at 9:30am in Noting Hill Gate station and make your way to Portobello Road Market.

Notting Hill














There are many stands in the market selling antiques and souvenirs. One of my favorites (and cheapest) is Alice’s (86 Portobello Rd, London W11 2QD).

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While you walk on the road you’ll see many crepes places, I personally like “Portobello crepes”, they make it very thick with Banana or Strawberries)


In the markets you will be able to find lots of vintage clothes, souvenirs, antiques and food (from Mexican to vegetarian, from Spanish to German etc…)

Notting Hill became very famous after the movie featuring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, so while you are in the market you can actually spot some of the movie’s locations. On 142 Portobello Road, you will see the exterior of the famous travel bookstore from Noting Hill movie- It is currently souvenir store but in the film they faked it as if it was the store itself.

From there, keep walking until you get Blenheim and Portobello for the real book store (the inside) and make yourself feel like Julia Roberts (or Hugh)-

Few minutes from there (on Portobello Road and 280 Westbourne Park Road) you’ll find the famous door of Hugh Grant’s house in the movie.

The famous door from the movie Notting Hill- Featuring the lovers- Ohad and Soli

The famous door from the movie Notting Hill- Featuring the lovers- Ohad and Soli





















Now when you are ready to move on, make your way to Ladbroke Grove station- if you want to treat yourself with something sweet- try the Brazilian churros

Take the circle line to Tower Hill to get some photos with the iconic monuments…

From Tower bridge cross to the other side of the river and go to London Bridge for Borough Market (food market)

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From Borough market start walking to One New Change shopping complex. Aside to some of your favorite brands, if you take the lift to the 6th floor you’ll get an amazing view of London’s skyline and there’s also great rooftop bar there (slightly expensive to be honest).


For dinner you should definitely go to one of my favorite restaurants in London aka Momo’s (Moroccan restaurant). I would recommend you taking Couscous Momo which is fantastic. if anyone is celebrating a birthday, you should order a cake a day before and that will be a celebrations they will never forget.

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After Momo you’ll be so full so just before you go to bed, walk for about 10 minutes to Amorino in Soho and get small Macarons al gelato. Trust me. you won’t regret it.

Ice-cream macaroon

hope you enjoyed my tips for what to do in London on Saturday. Can’t wait to see your photos and read your comments.



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