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I am Ido Simyoni (aka ido8all)

Before I start even talking about my life, I believe I need to explain what ido8all means. The answer is very simple. Since I love food and basically can eat everything, ido8all stands for ido ate all.

Now as we clarified that, here is my story- After more than 9 years of working on TV productions from “The Israeli Idol” to “The Big Brother”, I’ve decided to take my passion for creativity and challenges to different paths and industries.


Life, oh life

With my storytelling skill and my passion for social media, I’ve managed to achieve some big success in my career; From running international social media campaigns to working on the biggest TV shows, from creating powerful social media accounts to spreading my word and story over the biggest media outlets in the world (from Huffington Post to CNN). Always keen for the next challenge, because the sky is the limit for me.

ido8all and theizotimes

In my blog I combine my greatest loves and passions- my travels around the world, my Photography from street photography to my videography, Food because you know I love eating and my dog (Izo).

Sometimes I also write about things that are close to my heart, such as my motivation to live, my dreams, my hopes etc…

I also have an  interesting secret that is my biggest drive to life, but if you want to know about it, you need to read about it here.

Search me on Instagramfacebook and twitter- ido8all or if you want to follow my dog @theizotimes

I’ve also created a “page for my mom” with all the press and media mentions so she could show her girlfriends. If you want to contact me you’ll find all the ways to do it- Here


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